Today we updated our servers to version 2.4.0, which means the following features are available:

  • New signing tool – Our new signing tool enables investigators to list all forms that are ready for signing, as well as batch sign a selection or all of these forms.
  • Signing statement – To clarify the purpose of signing, there is now a signing statement shown and saved with each form. This statement is customizable to suit your study.
  • Updated display of monitored fields – Monitoring status of form fields are now clearer and easier to understand.
  • Report tool for user roles – This new tool gives you a full user role log, showing who and when someone got a role assigned/unassigned.
  • PDF files are exported as read-only PDF/A documents – All PDFs are now exported as locked for editing and in PDF/A format.

In addition we increased the configurability of studies and made other minor improvements.