MediCase eCRF version 5.0 was released Sunday March 27th, 2022.

Highlighted features in version 5.0:

  • General
    • Audit trail now displays events for medical coding, monitoring, and source data verification
    • Forms with open queries are marked in form list
    • A lock symbol displayed for locked forms and visits
    • 2-step verification will be required for all users
    • Internet Explorer support ends in June 2022
    • Improved display of columns in table form controls
  • Data entry
    • New interface for viewing entered forms
    • New interface for entering visit information, demography, and inclusion/exclusion criteria (for studies using responsive entering)
    • Data entry users may re-open monitored and signed forms with open queries
  • Monitoring
    • New interface for monitoring forms
    • “Continue later” when monitoring forms (function for partial monitoring of tables will be published later this spring, and will apply to certain tables only)
    • Updated display of monitoring and SDV status on entered forms
  • Data management
    • Queries in forms exported as PDF
    • Function for creating a PDF of eCRF version details
    • Data Managers may re-open monitored and signed forms
    • Additional study design information in Technical Design Document

Read more in the Release Notes.