Easy, Efficient eCRF

MediCase eCRF is an easy and efficient tool for clinical studies or quality registries and have all the tools you need to collect, validate and manage data.

MediCase eCRF 4.4
MediCase eCRF version 4.4 was released Sunday May 9th, 2021. This release contains: Medical coding improvements Improved code search interface and new tool for medical coders. Downloadable documents Possibility to add documents (e.g. Word, PDF) that may be downloaded by Read more.

Our Customers

Since the launch in 2014 MediCase eCRF has been used in numerous academic and commercial studies, as well as quality registries, ranging from small single site studies to multicenter studies with thousands of subjects. Below is a selection of our clients.

A+ Science
Medfield Diagnostics
XVIVO Perfusion

Why eCRF?

Using an efficient and cost effective eCRF, such as MediCase, will eliminate much of the hassle and hard to manage risks and costs involved in using a paper CRF, and at the same time give you vastly increased control and oversight of your study and the ability to ensure it progresses as planned.

Because we all know CRF on paper creates a number of problems; Missing data, invalid data, illegible data, lack of overview, misplaced files. And simply lots of papers and paper logistics! All this may ultimately lead to poor data quality, bias, larger sample size, extended time to close the study, more work, more resources, and higher costs. In the end these data must be manually transferred into an electronic format for statistical analysis. Even the best designed study, performed by the best of staff, may suffer from poor data quality or in the worst case fail to deliver results due to the often daunting tasks of properly managing paper records.

Why MediCase?

MediCase is developed by a team of clinically active researchers and physicians, clinical data managers, and professional software developers. It has from day one been designed with focus on the researcher and the study site – both when it comes to functionality, user friendliness, and not least cost and the pricing model.

MediCase features all functionality you would expect (and should demand) from an eCRF system, such as audit trail, electronic signatures, highly secure data storage, validation of data entries with warnings and error messages, handling of missing values, data queries management, and much more. MediCase also has innovative features that you will rarely find in other eCRF systems in our price range.

Highlighted Features

Visit Planning Tool

MediCase has an integrated visit planning tool. You can easily review upcoming visits, e.g. for the next day or within the coming week, and there are warnings for e.g. missed visits

Integrated ePRO

A fully integrated ePRO interface, where subjects can answer questionnaires without risk of accessing other functionality or data. Site staff can easily initiate a subject session to allow subject to answer at the clinic (e.g. using a tablet), or the subject can log in from home with a unique username and password

Customizable Monitoring Plans

Risk based monitoring is today increasingly common as a means of reducing cost while minimizing impact on data quality. MediCase will automatically flag subjects, visits, or even individual variables required for monitoring based on your monitoring plan

Medical Terminology Coding

Search and select items from a medical dictionary directly at data entry time. Built-in dictionaries are ICD-10, ATC, and KVÅ (in available languages). Additional dictionaries can be added (subject to customer ownership of license)

Multi-Lingual Support

Data entry forms and subject questionnaires can be presented in different languages based on local needs

Integrated Randomization

Automatic randomization, with stratification or other customizable options

Secure & Stable Service

 MediCase provides you with a secure and stable storage of all important data and gives you easy access to all collected information any time you want. 

Flexible & Evolving Features

MediCase eCRF is highly adaptable to various study designs and we continuously evolve our eCRF to include more and improved features.

Affordable Pricing

Every study is unique and the price depends on several factors, e.g. the extent and complexity of the visit schedule, forms and variables as well as the number of subjects and sites. We offer discounted rates to academic and other non-profit research. Regardless of your study scenario you will find our pricing to be very competitive!

We are also open to discuss flexible payment plans e.g. depending on timing of your research grants availability.

We can set up the eCRF for you

Setting up eCRF forms/content requires both knowledge about how to technically do it, and a good understanding of how to design it in a way that makes data entry intuitive and ensures all relevant data as per the protocol is collected in an unambiguous way well suited for data analysis. If you provide us with information about your study (the protocol, and e.g. paper form mock-ups and/or variable lists) we will help you accomplish that and deliver the complete eCRF setup.

Organizations with own eCRF designers

If you have eCRF designers in your organization that you would like to utilize, we offer training on how to build forms and configure other necessary settings to set up studies on your own in MediCase.

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